Stock Studios Photography is a commercial, industrial & advertising photography firm located in beautiful downtown Saratoga Springs NY. We specialize in creative studio and location assignment photography for business, industry, publishing and electronic media clients. Because the photographers name is Tom Stock we get many calls for our extensive Stock Photography Files of Saratoga, as well as regional images, however the majority of our work involves creating images for each clients specific needs. Whether it be product shots for catalogs or technical bulletins, architectural images reflecting a builders style, photographic illustrations for text books, aerials, portfolios, artwork reproduction or web images, we here at Stock Studios Photography take the time to understand each clients specific needs & strive to create quality images that fill those demands. Our in house Black and White & Color negative, and transparency scanning lab for printing 35 mm - 4x5 formats from wallets to 24x48 sizes helps us deliver custom and rush printing to satisfy even the most challenging clients requests.

Our digital studio in Saratoga Springs, NY produces high end digital photography, scanning, digital retouching, image manipulation and digital prints from files with 21st century technology and results. Press release photos, model portfolios, catalog products and web images can be photographed and finished prints or press ready files will be available in minutes now instead of days!

At Stock Studios Photography each project, big or small, is as important to us as it is to you. We endeavor to produce each job on time, on target and within budget.